Solar PV

Commercial Electrical Contractors in Liverpool

DTF Electrical Contractors Limited specialise in delivering the highest quality solar power systems to homes throughout the UK as well as commercial and industrail clients of any size. So whether you main goal is to producing electricity or supplementing your hot water system or a combination of both we are the go to company in the solar engery field. We focus on developing efficient, full service energy solutions that allow you to meet you long-term energy needs while reducing operating costs.

We offer a no obligation home survey and quoatation

We aoffer honest professional advice with impeccable installations every time.

Finance Options

Traditional Financing

For organisations that want to own the system, we work with financial institutions that provide long-term bank loans in support of solar installations.

Lease Financing

The lease option can allow an organisation to receive the benefits of solar energy, yet significantly reduce the initial costs. The lease can be setup as a capital or operating/true lease depending on your financial requirements.

We offer clients a comprehensive assessment of their portfolio’s solar potential, identifying where solar delivers the most value, based on an analysis of current solar incentives available, utility rates, roof suitability, electrical load and solar resources.

Professional Introducers Wanted

The Energy Savings Trust predicted that UK utility bills are set to rise at approximately 5% compound, year on year for the next decade. This will have a massive impact on us all. With the UK government have finally introduced “feed in tariffs” they has never been a better time to invest in solar panels

RAP Electrical specialises in Photovoltaic (PV) solar systems, and can supply and fit to both domestic and commercial buildings. Thanks to the aforementioned feed in tariff your clients can now enjoy not only the return of their capital investment over a realistic timescale, but also:

  • Free electricity
  • Substantially reduced utility bills
  • 25 year guaranteed income
  • Index linked
  • Tax free
  • Return on investment of between 8% and 12%

We weclome professional introducers that are based in the UK only and can cover the whole of thr mainland UK with our installations. We will enter into a Professional Introducer Agreement with you whereby we will pay you an introducer fee on each installation we complete. With installation cost anywhere between £6,995 to over £1m this could be a very lucrative new income stream for your business.

We have many investment companies that use our Solar Panel investment as a way to gain client trust as the product is safe and guarantees a goor ROI.

Why have the money sitting in the bank/ISA earning next to nothing when it could be giving you returns of up to 12% per annum.

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